April 26, 2017
CHATRANDOM Chat Alternative at Omeglepervy
June 30, 2017

OmegleOmegle the anonymous chat service founded by 18-year old in 2009 proudly bears its tagline “talk to strangers”. Omegle anonymous chat is so easy and instant that anyone can just start typing on the chat box and is automatically connected to someone else who is on the server. There is no need for any registration, no moderation is required, and no word filters anyone can say anything they want. Hence it gives full freedom of speech without any bindings. also serves as easy access video chat and there is also iPhone app for anonymous chat making it enough easy and accessible.



The popular website is new and exciting cam chat for all the ages of people especially for the younger audience. You simply have to press TALK on its homepage and you are connected with a stranger from anywhere in the world. But this has downsides too.

Young kid’s intention of using Omegle anonymous cam chat may be simply for fun to meet other young people from other countries and cultures. This sounds great only with good intentions. But when there is no one controlling who sees what and who is showing what that perceives just scary. There is an issue of sexual predators at as everyone is anynonmous.However the virtual world is just real not more dangerous than real world. The anonymity factor makes it so easy for bad people to do their thing. Internet access is the necessity in the present world where you are living. So how to protect the kids?



Below are listed some tips to prevent your kids getting entangled in the omegle anonymous chat:

  • You can keep track of your child’s computer activities by being their physically right besides your child. There is no other substitute for parental presence.
  • Place you computer and laptop in a common place in your home so that your child is deterred from accessing porn or forbidden sites. Excess of everything and too much freedom is bad so keep a rein on your kid’s computer use.
  • Limit your kid’s surfing time and make sure you are clear about this. Set this rule and follow this. If you say 2 hours stick to it. Kids know when your rules are bendable and they will keep bending and bending them.
  • Strive to be more techie than your kids. If you are reading this that means you know at least how to browse the internet. All it takes is some willingness to learn. For each question or trouble, the answer is just a Google search away. Invest a lit bit of time reading tutorials so you can always be a step or two ahead of your kids.